KIND WORDS ABOUT Grandmaster Steve Pisa

You have an inner strength unequaled by very many people. There is no question about it! I have never seen anyone more determined than you! ~ Premiere Grandmaster Don Baird


Sign up your kids now!! Grandmaster Steve is an amazing teacher. You're kids will learn more than just Kung Fu as well...confidence, patience, and teamwork. ~  Keith Michaels


A truly wonderful teacher. We appreciate you and all your wisdom. When I first walked through the doors of the Academy of Kung Fu, I didn't realize I had just meet my new Martial Arts Master, Philosophy Teacher & friend for life. ~Shaun


Master Steve and Lisa love their students and academy tremendously and it shows! ~Russell


Wonderful with young kids! My son age 4 listens to Master Steve like no other. His first real lessons in respect and listening, which are so important in life! ~Alison


Master Steve is serious about Kung Fu, and more importantly, is a master teacher. He's great with kids - funny, strict when necessary, encouraging. My five year-old is LOVING Kung Fu. ~Mike


Master Steve is very patient with all his students from 5 to 75 years old. He has helped one of my children become more focused and avoid a prescription for ADD, another child with coordination and confidence - and I've dropped my Cholesterol 40 points and avoided medication with many side-effects. An Excellent body/mind/spirit integration to stay with you for your longer, healthier, and more balanced life. ~CW


"I'm really happy that I have such a strong person to look up to in my life, thanks for opening the school here." ~Natella


I love the Academy of Kung Fu! While I never really thought of myself as a "kung fu" person, I've realized through the training of Master Steve that classes are really a journey towards improved physical conditioning, an increased sense of confidence and a deeper level of self-awareness. My kids have flourished under the disciplined but generous leadership of Master Steve and Miss Lisa, and we truly look forward to each opportunity to train. We'll be a part of the Academy of Kung Fu family for years to come! ~Lale


The day that I met you I noticed a man that I wanted to learn from. I did right to pick you as my Master in Kung Fu. You inpire me every day that I see you in class and talk to you. ~Jack


I can't thank you enough for all the kindness you have shown me over the years. My skills as a person, not merely as a martial artist, have increased a hundredfold under your training, and yet, I feel your mastery of teaching and of Kung Fu pales in comparison to your understanding of being a truly compassionate, altruistic human being. Most people merely speak their words, you are an exemplary example of what it is to live them. ~Charles


I honor your courage, your strength of heart and your great soul. You are the very definition of a warrior. I'm grateful for your presence in my life. ~Doug


You care about other people like no one else does, and for that you are like an angel sent down for all of us. ~Natalie