The Academy of Kung Fu - Tarzana


The Academy of Kung Fu in California has been serving Tarzana community since 1996. Our system, Peaceful Mind Way, is built on a foundation based in Chinese Kung Fu. Our martial arts is influenced by the philosophies, techniques and forms taught in the ancient temples of Wutang & Shaolin.

We are a school not only of body, but of mind and spirit. Philosophy, which is neither incongruent nor conflicting with anyone's personal religion, is crucial for balanced training. It helps align the student with the self and brings clarity of purpose. Individuals who are philosophically oriented are more likely to handle conflict peacefully and confidently.

There is an old saying:
"To Strike Another is to Defeat Yourself"

We respect that thought and hope there will be very few times when hurting someone is our only answer.

Though we train to be warriors, we are clearly not a school of fighters, but rather, individuals on a path developing confidence and the skill to resolve problems without physical conflict.

We offer an astounding amount of knowledge to those who seek it. But, what's really important to us is that we are a family oriented school that prides itself on a friendly atmosphere where teachers sincerely guide and mentor. We encourage this very personal environment and have always maintained the thought that students learn profoundly better when they are not under stress or fear.

It remains our goal at the Academy to provide a school that remains here for your needs whether you may be training for health, personal improvement, self defense, or just to have a great time.